A hill with a story to tell.
A tower, a sanctuary, a monastery.
A historic building, an accurate restoration.

LE TRE ARTIYour fairy-tale holiday.

Once upon a time there were the ruins of an ancient manor house in a medieval village at the foot of the Ezzelini castle.
Today, after the scrupulous restoration, there's a house which smells of Art and History and which now welcomes travellers and wayfarers.
Few kilometers from Asolo, at the foot of the hill hosting the Santuario della Chiesetta Rossa in San Zenone degli Ezzelini, few steps from the cultural and tourist information center in Villa Marini Rubelli.... here's LE TRE ARTI: it's a Bed & Breakfast, but also much, much more. It's a journey through Architecture, Painting and Sculpture, in a Veneto to discover, far from the crowded cities, in a place where art, culture and environment fuse to form an evocative landscape.